Road Alert issued by Cork County Council on 30/07/2020:

Wastewater connection L4720 Breeney Beg, Kealkill

Road Closure - L4720 Breeney Beg, Kealkill from Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st August, 2020 to facilitate Wastewater Connection.
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Pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, notice is hereby given that Cork County Council will close the following road for the period and reason specified below:-

Roads Subject of Closure

Road Closure 1 – TRC-100-2020: L-8774-0 Breeney Beg, Kealkill, Co. Cork

Road Closure 2 – TRC-101-2020:L-4720-65 Breeney Beg, Kealkill, Co. Cork

Period of Closure

Road Closure 1: From 08:00hrs on Monday 17th August, 2020 to 18:00hrs on Tuesday 18th August, 2020 (24hr closure)

Road Closure 2:From 08:00hrs Wednesday 19th August, 2020 to 18:00hrs Friday 21st August, 2020 (24hr closure)

Reason for Closure

To facilitate Wastewater Connection

Alternative Routes

Road Closure 1: Eastbound diversion –Follow the road to the left along the L-4720-65, heading north and turn right onto the L-8774-0. The reverse applies in the opposite direction.

Road Closure 2: Westbound diversion – Follow the road straight along the L-8774-0, heading north and turn left onto the L-8774-0. The reverse applies in the opposite direction.

Local Access only will be maintained throughout the duration of the closure.

Ref: TRC-100-2020 and Ref: TRC-101-2020

Director of Services,

Roads & Transportation,

Cork County Council

The Courthouse


Co Cork

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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