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Get your alerts as push notifications

MapAlerter issues alerts through the free smartphone app for Android and iPhone. Download the app for your preferred device to ensure you get push notifications for local issues that affect you:
The main benefits of using the app are as follows:
  • One-Stop shop for your entire MapAlerter experience: create your account, get alerts, view maps and manage your account in one place
  • Receive all alerts from your Council: Some alerts are not issued by SMS so the app is a great way to ensure your smartphone is pinged for every alert that impacts you.
  • Mobile-friendly mapping experience: Designed exclusively for mobile devices, the mapping/GIS system is easy to use and includes lots of mapped data from Councils, Met Eireann, EPA bathing water locations and river height sensors.
Basic Support Considerations:
  • The app does NOT track your location at any time. The location permission is used on the map screen to start the map over your current location. This saves you time zooming and panning around to find your local area.
  • When you launch the iPhone app for the first time you will need to acccept the Push Notifications permission in order to receive alerts from MapAlerter.
  • Some Android devices (especially recent Samsung models) automatically put the phone "to sleep" for push notifications. If you find alerts are not beeping in on your device then you will need to go into the MapAlerter app settings and change a setting that allows MapAlerter to wake up the device for new alerts. This is a known issue affecting many apps.