Good News for Elected Members!

MapAlerter now includes national coverage for river heights, bathing water quality and property prices.

MapAlerter was launched in 2011 as a way for Councils to communicate with members of the public and elected members. This free service specialises in delivering alerts by SMS text message, email and app notification. Alerts are localized and this means everything you receive is linked to the area you represent (e.g. municipal district) or is near your home location. Alerts are delivered for a variety of topics such as severe weather, planning, floods, water outages, community events and road issues.

There are now 17 Irish Councils now using MapAlerter. Until now, only Councillors in a "MapAlerter Council" could subscribe for alerts. We are pleased to say that MapAlerter can now be used by Councillors to receive free alerts for their municipal district across three new topics:

  • Bathing Water Quality Alerts: Councillors can subscribe for bathing water quality alerts for their area. Using EPA data, MapAlerter will let you know of any "Do Not Swim" issues that may affect your constituents. This is a way great for elected members to get alerts for public health issues when the water quality is below par for local beaches and waterways. View Locations
  • River Height Sensor Alerts: MapAlerter includes a live feed of over 400 river sensors across Ireland and you can subscribe to any sensor for live river height alerts. When your selected river rises above a specified height, MapAlerter will alert you and you can share this out to your contact lists or social media pages. View Sensors
  • Property Price Register Alerts: You can subscribe to keep up to date on property trends across the area you represent. If you are a member of your Council's SPC on Housing then this is a great way to get timely updates on the volume of property sales in the along area along with house sale price trends.

Is your Council using MapAlerter?

View our range of Councillor-focused features

MapAlerter is used by 17 Irish local authorities to manage their direct communications with members of the public along with the elected members. If you are an elected member from one of these Councils then MapAlerter can be used to deliver a range of benecifial alert services, including:

  • Weekly Planning Alerts for your Municipal District: MapAlerter will send you a weekly email with a summary of planning activity for the administrative area you represent. This feature combines the traditional PDF planning lists along with the digital section from your Council's planning website that you are familiar with. This is a huge time saver for elected members that want a digest summary for their area in an easy to understand format.
  • Real time alerts for outages within your Municipal District: MapAlerter is used by Councils to issue service disruption alerts including water outages and scheduled road works. As an elected member, you can receive all such alerts for your municipal district. This will allow you to stay on top of Council issues within yor M.D. so you can be more informed when you meet your constituents.
  • Fallen Tree and Road Hazard Alerts:: MapAlerter issues fallen tree and road hazard alerts to Councillors during storm events. You will get a timely alert for any localized hazards in your M.D. which you can then share with your own contact lists.
  • Councillor Text Alert System:: Councils using MapAlerter have the ability to send SMS text alerts to Councillors for a variety of topics. If meetings are postponed or if the Councils needs to contact you in a quick timeframe (when email isn't ideal) then MapAlerter's in-built SMS text alert system is ideal.

Coverage Map:

Full coverage exists for all counties shaded green. A limited alert service is available for the remaining counties. Tap over a county to check the list of available services.

"   Wexford County Council recognise the value of providing relevant and timely information to the citizens of Wexford. Value for money and efficient use of resources are a priority and the implementation of MapAlerter has ensured that citizens are kept informed in a timely and cost effective way. Over the years, we have found the technology to be extremely reliable and easy to use and are very satisfied with the high level of support and the continuous enhancements provided.   "
Wexford County Council (using MapAlerter since 2011)

How is MapAlerter used by other Councils?

Storm Updates

Very useful on days like Storm Ophelia for communicating real-time fallen trees and localized flood incidents.

Planning Activity

Get weekly updates on New and Decided applications. Can be configured for Councillor MD coverage.

Water Outages

Get alerts when your water service is unavailable due to works and upgrades.

Scheduled Road Works

Keep informed about any upcoming road works so you can plan to use diversion routes.

Community Events

Publish Council initiatives to MapAlerter subscribers to attract a wider audience to local events.

Weather Warnings

MapAlerter issues live alerts via Met Eireann's colour coded warning system. Get Orange/Red alerts for your county as soon as they are published.

Further Councillor Information

If you are interested in learning how you can get alerts for the area you represent then contact us today. It is easy to configure alerts for your preferred location and a variety of alerts are available for all Councils (e.g. river heights, bathing water quality and property prices). If your Council is already using MapAlerter for its public-facing communications (e.g. planning activity, water outages, severe weather, road issues) then it is possible to get alerts for additional categories that cover your entire municipal district. Get in touch with us today and we can talk you through the process.

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