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Account Assistance

Signup Assistance

It is a straightforward process to register for your free MapAlerter account. This quick guide outlines what is required and how to complete the registration form.

Login to Close Your Account

You can easily unsubscribe from alerts or close your MapAlerter account after you have logged in to the website. After you have logged in, simply follow the "Close Account" option.

Lost Credentials

You may no longer have access to a old/work email or mobile number used to create your MapAlerter account. If so, use this page to request account access.

Getting Alerts and not sure why?

In rare occasions someone may receive alerts when they haven't registered. This typically occurs when someone has inherited a work phone or email address after a colleague has moved on. In this situation, please just contact us and we can help you close the account immediately.

Can’t find your answer?

If you have questions about MapAlerter then you can contact us by filling out a basic form.