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Sign up to get free text alerts from your Council is a free service that delivers localized alerts and notifications from your local authority. You will receive SMS, email and app notifications for water disruptions, road works, floods, planning activity, severe weather and other topics that impact you. Launched in 2010, most Irish Councils now choose MapAlerter as their official alert service provider.

Welcome to MapAlerter

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Free Text Alert System for Irish Councils

Get SMS, email and app notifications from your Irish Council by signing up to MapAlerter. Alerts are issued for water disruptions, severe weather, road works, floods, planning activity and more.
MapAlerter Text Alert System

Stay Informed

Receive free alerts from your Council before important events take place in your area. Get prior notice of water disruptions, boil water notices, and localized road works that may affect you. You will also get alerts for planning acitvity in your area.

Stay Safe

MapAlerter issues important and timely severe weather information. Councils issue many alerts during storms such as fallen trees, fallen power lines, flash floods and more. Level Orange/Red countywide weather warnings are also issued.

Local Information

When you register, you must provide a location or place of interest. This ensures MapAlerter knows what notifications you should receive. You won't get alerts for faraway places so everything is focused and relevant. Whether it be your street or your county, MapAlerter will only send you alerts that impact you.

Free Alert Service

You can register your mobile phone and email address to receive free text alerts from MapAlerter. When your Council issues alerts, MapAlerter will forward it to you instantly. This ensures you get timely updates and you have time to take action. There is no cost to receive any Council alerts, including SMS text messages.

Coverage Map

MapAlerter issues alerts for a variety of topics across Ireland. Tap over your county on the map to check for alert services. Local authorities using MapAlerter are highlighted in green. River height, bathing water quality and property price register alerts are available nationwide.
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Road Closures, Works & Diversions
  • Water Disruptions & Boil Water Notices
  • Storm Issues (floods & fallen trees)
  • Planning Application Alerts
  • Community & Miscellaneous Alerts
  • River Height Alerts
  • Bathing Water Quality Alerts
  • Property Price Register Alerts
You can search alerts from active Councils and all recent alerts are also published on our interactive mapping. It is free to browse the MapAlerter content but you will need to sign up for free in order to set up SMS/text, email and app notifications for your local area.